Wednesday, 4 April 2012

10 days

Its lovely to see the daisies appearing in the garden:


Mother in Laws left over veggie casserole. I just added peas and mash:

Updating my diary:

The postie delivered some lovely books today. This one is actually very funny!!

We were ment to be in Newcastle this weekend for a 21st birthday but my hubbie was still suffering from being off work last week with tonsilitus. So instead we had a lovely but chilled weekend. We went to see 21 Jump Street at the cinema and I found a lovely Iphone case in Paperchase. This is soooooo me.

 Leaving the house, on the way to Breakfast by the sea:

My littlests first time on the Dodgems:

We are enjoying Easter. We have already had 2 days of Easter egg hunts:

A day at home, cleaning and painting. Look at these lovely flowers that have popped up in the front garden:


  1. Thats a lovely way to spend the day,just my kind of day.

  2. Such pretty daisies..I have some that grow in-between my brick path, which is always a nice surprise.
    The peanut butter and jam toast looks good. I have been having nutella with peanut butter, that is quite a nice combination as well :)
    That iphone case is just adorable, I like the little phone box :)
    Have a Happy Easter x