Thursday, 25 August 2011


First day back from Scotland - Pj day and a bit of Shrek.

My happy purchase: I never find lovely bambis!! so i was thrilled to find this one for £1.50 in my local charity shop - i hope it will be one of many.

My youngests 4th birthday at LegoLand.

 I love this Ikea cabinet, it used to be on the wall in the bathroom at our old house. There isn't really anywhere to put it on the wall in this house. My hubbie put it here, and i actually quite like it. I am thinking of painting the blue woodwork a vintage white/cream. I like neutral coloured bathrooms to relax in. What do you think?

Cute cottage tin from Tobermory, filled with flower chocolates - inside is really sweet too, i'll show you one day.

 Sunset from our lounge window - the sky looked amazing. Didn't come out quite the same on camera.

My boys birthday party cake.

My Freecycle bureau.

Fajitas - my fave meal.

"Mum, theres a leaf on the kitchen cupboard, no its a bug!, its a bug!" - We saved the little leaf bug and put him outside.

Roses outside the dining room window.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Catch up: Our week on Mull

Travelodge stop:

Isle of Mulls welcome:

Whats the story in Balamory?

Wedding day:

Sheep on the beach:

Duart castle on a gloomy day:



Ferry back to Scotland:

Sleepy trip home: (Yes, he is actually asleep)


Thursday, 4 August 2011

3 days

Cute Waterproof boots for the little one:

My heart lies with Weheartit, but i'm starting to like pinterest too:

My first physio today - the boot can be taken off a bit more now - yay!!!


Monday, 1 August 2011

The last 5 days

A lovely sky whilst at the seaside:

Too big for his carseat. Waiting for it to be picked up by a freecycler:

Pimms at Vintage at Southbank:

Reading through issue 1: (lovely Primchick let me have her copy)

At home watching t.v with the kids: