Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The last post!!

Today is my last post ever at A year of 30.
Yesterday i turned 31. So this project of a photo a day for the year i was 30 is now over.

I have really enjoyed this project. I think i only forgot 1 day!
Thank you to everyone that followed me here.
If you liked this project, please follow me at my main blog where from now on i will be doing a weekly installment of what i have been up to. These posts will pretty much be like the posts at this blog.

I had a little pamper me shop. Now i'm in my early
thirties, age is starting to show! eek!! Anyway i bought a few nice products for the face and hair. And i could not resist this one. I am a huge soap and glory fan. Has'nt this one got the best name? Pollyanna would approve :)

'Mum!!! i have made you a picture!!!'
Eldest boy called me into his room, where he had made me a happy face out of magnet balls.

On the way for breakfast we picked up some post at the post office. I like nice post!!!!!

The day after the night before. We went out for my birthday with my Brother in law and our friend. We didn't get in till about 6am. So on sunday i wasn't really thinking about taking photos!!! I did take the pic of me though for Fatmumslims photo challenge:

 The day i turned 31:
My hubbie had to work, but he set up a tray for my son to bring up. 
Happy birthday to me!!