Monday, 30 April 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

A visit to Barleylands to buy some crafts:

My new pretty top: I actually hate birds!!! but i liked this one.

Friday night - aaaahhhhh and relax:
Late dinner and drinks with the hubbie and Brother in law.


A few jobs around the house - Pictures up/ Youngest sons wall is now bright orange/ and both boys have new fish tanks:

After an hour chatting to mums at the school gate (how did that happen?) i need a cuppa and a biscuit for my brekkie before i crack on with washing the eldest smelly clothes from cub camp:


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2 weeks left!! can you believe it?

Only 2 weeks left until i am 31!! which means this photo project will be over. It has gone so so quick.

Little boy at a friends birthday party:

Adventure island with the Grandparents:

Boys first day back at school: Lots of unpacking/washing to do. Not before a cup of tea and biccies though:

My son and 3 of his friends spent the afternoon practising a dance, eating pizza and playing. They were actually really good, but when my boys went to bed i did pour myself a bath ......... and a disaronno:

How exciting!! i won The Dorset Cereal little blog award:

A friend lent me a book she thought i might like. I think i may try this:

I took the boys to Swallow aquatics after school - they love looking at the fish and the reptiles:

Me and a friend took our kids to Tropical Wings:

My 9 year old can be a typical boy but he is also very affectionate. He loves a cuddle and he loves putting plaits in my hair:

Food shop and a new magazine for me:


Monday, 16 April 2012

An Easter catch up!!

Wow!! i have less than a month of this blog challenge left! It has gone soooo quick!

A wander around Lake Meadows:

Just arrived in The New Forest - we stopped at a pretty little pub for lunch:

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside!




Back to Beaulieu - do you recognize this gorgeous car?

I love this shot (if i do say so myself, i am pretty proud of it especially as its taken through the front windscreen)

Last day in The New Forest - Fordingbridge:

Back home and a low fat dinner to work off the 5 pounds gained:


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

10 days

Its lovely to see the daisies appearing in the garden:


Mother in Laws left over veggie casserole. I just added peas and mash:

Updating my diary:

The postie delivered some lovely books today. This one is actually very funny!!

We were ment to be in Newcastle this weekend for a 21st birthday but my hubbie was still suffering from being off work last week with tonsilitus. So instead we had a lovely but chilled weekend. We went to see 21 Jump Street at the cinema and I found a lovely Iphone case in Paperchase. This is soooooo me.

 Leaving the house, on the way to Breakfast by the sea:

My littlests first time on the Dodgems:

We are enjoying Easter. We have already had 2 days of Easter egg hunts:

A day at home, cleaning and painting. Look at these lovely flowers that have popped up in the front garden: