Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2 weeks left!! can you believe it?

Only 2 weeks left until i am 31!! which means this photo project will be over. It has gone so so quick.

Little boy at a friends birthday party:

Adventure island with the Grandparents:

Boys first day back at school: Lots of unpacking/washing to do. Not before a cup of tea and biccies though:

My son and 3 of his friends spent the afternoon practising a dance, eating pizza and playing. They were actually really good, but when my boys went to bed i did pour myself a bath ......... and a disaronno:

How exciting!! i won The Dorset Cereal little blog award:

A friend lent me a book she thought i might like. I think i may try this:

I took the boys to Swallow aquatics after school - they love looking at the fish and the reptiles:

Me and a friend took our kids to Tropical Wings:

My 9 year old can be a typical boy but he is also very affectionate. He loves a cuddle and he loves putting plaits in my hair:

Food shop and a new magazine for me:



  1. well done on your award ;0)xx
    lovely post- i cant believe your nearly 31- where has this year gone...i'm already 31 but still feel 21 hehe x...love all your piccys and your little man all dressed up- too cute xx

  2. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the blog award :) Will you continue posting the photo's on here, I do enjoy looking at them all.
    It looks like a fun Birthday party your son went to, great photo of him (or should I say 'Super Man!')
    Ps: I love your mug
    Have a lovely day today
    Magie x

  3. Love Swallow Aquatics. Is it the one in East Harling you go to next to the whiskey distillery? :o)