Monday, 30 January 2012

Lovely things

Battlesbridge Antiques:

Antique tins and a sweet postcard:

£3 Quilt (damaged, so i'm going to cut it up)

Pretty guest room bedding:

A change from daffs:

Family dog:

My Father in laws tickets/football figure - handed down to my son - i've just framed them to go in his room:


Monday, 23 January 2012

Lovely things

I took a trip to Ikea and also Tkmax. I found these gorgeous letter trays reduced from £12 to £2 and a cute set of tins for £3.

The eldests new desk - he is growing up fast:

I would like a drawing of our house for our hall but they are about £50 so i thought i'd have a little go. I drew this little sketch and am pretty happy with the results. So i am going to do a bigger one using black pen and then frame it in white with a nice border:

For Christmas i got a lovely bar of chocolate with Best Mum on the front. I have only just realised that the back says this - cute!

I recieved a lovely card from my dear bloggy friend Kazzy. This cheered me up no end:

 Sunday was a lovely day. We went with the in laws and my mum to the seaside for breakfast and then up to Hadleigh castle. The boys had lots of fun with their swords, walking in puddles and rolling down hills:

We put my new bedside drawers up yesterday. Here they are:
As you can see there is lots to do in this room. We need to paper and paint the walls, get new curtains and nets, and renew the floor (When we took the over head wardrobes down we found that the floor boards had been laid around them - grrr! so we now have two patches of old, unusable floor boards. Eventually i would like white floorboards in this room, but for now we are thinking of 'Patching up' using the (luckily) found spare boards in the loft.


Monday, 16 January 2012

10 days

-Making a light lunch:

-My mirror is finally up. It really pulls the room together. Still to do in this room: paint the walls, change curtains and nets, paint fireplace, and build wall units in alcoves:

- First day back at work (sewing at home for Poppy and Daisy)

- Trying out paint for the Lounge - i'm liking white hankerchief on the right.

- Forgot to make this Asda biscuit tree - so a little late, but we did it.

- The hubbies out, i'm feeling a bit rough, so i need comfort food. Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese with veggie sausage, made with local farmers market veg.

- The cutest shortbread biscuits :)

- Foxes in the garden, i managed to get a quick pic through my dirty upstairs window just before they left.

-After a heavy night of drinking and not much sleep - a cheese, onion and ketchup toastie does the trick.

-Todays mission: The eldest got a new desk yesterday, so i am going to have a big clear out sorting out all the things from his old one. Plus all the other junk that had got piled up in his room.


Friday, 6 January 2012

Making me smile

I bought this little beauty from a charity shop:

 A lovely meal for our wedding anniversary:

I know it is wrong to vandalise things but this little drawing i spotted on the sofa in Cafe Nero today made me smile:


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Into a New Year

Beside the seaside for the last day of 2011:

 A cooked Breakfast (veggie of course) the morning after the night before. Happy New Year everyone xx

Leftover beans for todays lunch

 The conkers everywhere worked!! No sooner did i remove them all, the spiders appeared.