Monday, 16 January 2012

10 days

-Making a light lunch:

-My mirror is finally up. It really pulls the room together. Still to do in this room: paint the walls, change curtains and nets, paint fireplace, and build wall units in alcoves:

- First day back at work (sewing at home for Poppy and Daisy)

- Trying out paint for the Lounge - i'm liking white hankerchief on the right.

- Forgot to make this Asda biscuit tree - so a little late, but we did it.

- The hubbies out, i'm feeling a bit rough, so i need comfort food. Cauliflower and Broccoli cheese with veggie sausage, made with local farmers market veg.

- The cutest shortbread biscuits :)

- Foxes in the garden, i managed to get a quick pic through my dirty upstairs window just before they left.

-After a heavy night of drinking and not much sleep - a cheese, onion and ketchup toastie does the trick.

-Todays mission: The eldest got a new desk yesterday, so i am going to have a big clear out sorting out all the things from his old one. Plus all the other junk that had got piled up in his room.



  1. That last pic looks like quite a challenge, I love clearing out, it is always amazing some of the things you find :) x x x x

  2. Love your red sewing machine and those super cute shortbread cookies look far too good! Just to let you know that I choose your blog to receive a Liebster Blog Award (posted over at my blog). I do really enjoy visiting both your lovely it was an easy choice to make :)

  3. woweeee foxy friends in your garden how magical!!!! i havent seen a fox for ages in the wild. I used to get a wiry tailed fox in my court yard but i think something has happened to him. i love olives- i had feta cheese and olive on a hot crusty baguette for lunch today. Cauliflower and broccoli bakes are my fav!! ive started adding chicken to mine and adding a crumble and sage topping with the mash.
    my kitchen is getting there today...i find the more i sort out the more there is to sort it im sure junk just breeds like rabbits in my house hehe xx