Monday, 30 April 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

A visit to Barleylands to buy some crafts:

My new pretty top: I actually hate birds!!! but i liked this one.

Friday night - aaaahhhhh and relax:
Late dinner and drinks with the hubbie and Brother in law.


A few jobs around the house - Pictures up/ Youngest sons wall is now bright orange/ and both boys have new fish tanks:

After an hour chatting to mums at the school gate (how did that happen?) i need a cuppa and a biscuit for my brekkie before i crack on with washing the eldest smelly clothes from cub camp:



  1. I LOVE that top - where did you find it. Please share as I think I want one :-)

    1. Hi Sophie, I bought the top in Brentwood in a shop called Minnie's. You can also get it online at sugar hill boutique x