Friday, 2 March 2012

nice things

I love this Jubilee tea towel from All tea towels

Whilst my son was having his op, (more about this over at my main blog) i was trying to keep my mind off by reading the paper and going on Facebook. I came across this rather lovely poem:

Making new baby lavender hearts. These will be in my shop soon, but in the mean time, if you'd like one please email me at They are £3 each plus £1 p&p and come with either blue or pink ribbon words.

Treats waiting for my boys when they get home:



  1. your brave, brave, brave son ;0)x big huggles to the lovely boys are the sweetest mother- every child needs a lissylou xx
    love the cakey things with beatrix potter illustrations- how lovely.
    love your photography too...
    that poem...oh my word im keeping that in my gratitude journal...those cute hearts are sooooo lovely too xx

  2. The poem is amazing - I read it twice! Lovely.