Friday, 10 February 2012

Lovely makes

The pine cones from Christmas are still in good condition, so when i haven't got flowers on the dining table, i have been using these as my centrepiece. I have added hearts for Valentines day:

My son asked if we could make chocolate cakes, as his teacher 'loves chocolate cake'. This is a recipe from The hummingbird bakery book - its yummy!! As i don't eat eggs, i have used egg replacer from Holland and Barrett:

A little heart i made for a friends baby. And one of my new buisness cards from Moo. I have chosen a mix of yellow and red cards (Poppies and Daisies) and a flower print. I then chose some of my favourite lovely words/quotes to put on them:

The cutest socks, Thanks Mum!!



  1. lovely post - have you had snow that way?...still no sign of any in devon ;0(...lots of rain instead. i love the idea of hearts in with the pine cones ;0)x

  2. That chocolate cake looks deliciously yummy! A very pretty home sweet home mug you have :) I love the cute gnome socks..I will have to get a pair of those, I just love gnomes.

  3. oohh i'm craving choc cake right now! it looks yummy! love those cute socks and the business card looks lovely!

    x susan

  4. Lov ethe little hearts in the pine cones, its so cold and wintery outside they are still really appropriate too!!!