Monday, 20 February 2012


Thursday - i think i instagramed everything!!!!

Slobby day at home - here is my little Buzz Lightyear:


The other half and my Brother in Law lined the walls behind our bed, ready for painting:

This morning i woke up by a loud bang: See the car at the t-junction and the lorry facing the houses?
I hope everyone was ok. They seemed to be when i looked out, but 3 ambulances arrived later!



  1. Oh Dear,hope everyone was ok..
    Warm Wishes,
    Callie x

  2. firstly, bless your little one having to have surgery- hope its quick and not too painful afterwards- from being a child that spent months and months in hospital- they do make the childrens wards a very fun place to be ;0).
    And a good spoiling afterwards always helps too ;0)x
    hope the accident or drivers concerned were ok in the road?.
    lovely bottles you have in your home- so adorable- and progress on the walls- what colour will you paint them?...exciting ;0)
    'death by chocolate'- that doesnt sound too nice with animals involved?? though couldnt read it on my lappy toppy.

    ive just turned my heating up to full whack- its toasty- dont wanta step out and do school run ;0(xx

  3. Not a nice thing to see, I hope everyone was ok!