Thursday, 21 July 2011

Big old catch up!!

I am back!! i have found my camera lead so can now do a big catch up of photos.

I have still been taking photos everyday since my last post in June, but they will not be in a particular order.

So hear we go from June 15th until June 25th (more to follow)

-I had to look twice when i saw a duck on the neighbours roof!

-Our last meal at our old house:

-New house:

-What a job it was to remove the cupboards!!!

-I was so pleased to find this in a Charity shop.

-And this - i always tell my littlest boy that he is scrummy!!

-My Sister in law to be's wonderful Alice in Wonderland hen night



  1. your new home looks the stuff of dreams- its so the duck on the roof hehe. the charity shop finds- how lovely...ive missed you lissylou x

  2. Great to see you back... and your new abode!!! I am really envious - it looks just perfect!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Love your garden!! And how sweet to receive all those cards for the new home! You Brits are the best at card- writing. Love that!
    Monica xo