Monday, 25 July 2011

Big old catch up part 2

Here are some more pics, again, not particularly in order:

A local free magazine. Full of huge, but very tacky houses!!! Getting me excited about seeing Take That soon!!!

A view from the window:

PS3 racing car game addict!!

My loo!! I have an old fashioned loo - so exciting. Come on girls, i know you'll understand!!!

My broken foot!! I was ment to be going to Wireless in Hyde park as a V.I.P. Instead i went to A&E!!!

This get well card made me chuckle:

The dreaded stairs!!!!! This is where i fell and broke my foot:

Sleepy/poorly little one:

I want a party just like this one:

My new magazine rack with the third issue of Mollie Makes. I am gutted that i couldn't find the first one :(

New kitchen flooring. We found original tiles under the old lino, but they weren't in very good conditon:

I still got to go to the Take That concert. I was in a bit of pain and it was very hard work getting up the stairs but Wembley were really good. They took me in a wheelchair to and from my car and they moved me to the front of our block so i could see when everyone stands up:

My new best friend - The smelly boot!!

This is what happens when you let your gay Brother in Law spend time with your youngest son:

I couldn't manage without this: Although i can use crutches, i don't have the strength to go far in them. I never realised how much they hurt your hands. And all my other muscles are hurting too. I used this all around Brighton last weekend - it was a godsend, but at the same time it has totally opened my eyes to how hard it is for people in wheelchairs. There are steps everywhere, not everywhere has downstairs toilets and doorways are really narrow:

Right i have almost caught up with my Year of 30 pics. This takes us up to the 14th July - more coming soon



  1. oh my word lissylou, all the exciting move and with a broken foot- looks rather painful...glad your still able to get out and about ;0)x
    my wordy i can sympathise i spent alota childhood in a wheelchair + crutches + and out of hospital til i was 17yrs. i found it so hard to get in and out of shops- well big stores are good, but narrow little village stores, gift shops was always an issue and they were the shops i loved most ;0( i used to park up out side and window shop.
    i love the view from your window...i bet your boys are loving their new pad ;0) bless them x

  2. ...must pick up that molly makes issue- looks beautiful ;0)

  3. Oooh your foot looks so sore, you poor thing.

    Am with you about the love of the toilet!!!