Monday, 14 November 2011

Organising and new buys

Finally an organised under stairs cupboard:

Found my dresser shelves!!!!

New magazine. Sorry Prima, but i think i prefer this free calendar this year!!

After seeing the Red Hot Chili peppers the night before, me and the hubbie chilled out by seeing a film and reading magazines before heading back up to London to see Tinie Tempah:

Yay!!! i am so excited to have my first ever tumble dryer. I have always managed before in the winter to hang clothes on radiators, but in this house they are all flush to the wall. With a 6 foot 2 man and two growing boys in the house it has been impossible to dry anything:

A new footstool for the kitchen. Shall i paint or varnish?

Preparing for the snow. I was soooo unorganized last year and everywhere ran out of everything:

Don't forget my giveaway on the previous post



  1. You are organized! I love my tumble dryer, well nearly as much as my dishwasher.

  2. You're so tidy and organzied!! paint the stool ;) your house is looking lovely :) got those magazines and the calender is better than Prima ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!