Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Baking and other lovelies

I love to watch washing blowing in the breeze. And pretty washing like this is even nicer:

Friends over for homemade cakes:

Gorgeous Christmas treats from Cottontails baby:

Requested cookies. Oat and raisin from The Hummingbird bakery cook book. My son made me smile when he said. 'Mummy you make the best things. You should be a famous Vegetarian chef on tele'. My hubbie then piped in and said 'Yes, that would be good. Then i could give up work'. Both fail to realise that i follow recipes not my own!!!

I bought this cute house a while ago and forgot to show you. I got it because it looks like my new home:

My Autumn swap from Amy Lane. I love everything, especially the mug cosie and a copy of her book. Thanks Amy xx



  1. i L*O*V*E this post its full of loveliness ;0)
    i adore the maileg bag...that sweet cottage, cakeys and your washing drying in your lovely garden ;0)x blissful x...i dont have an account with weheartit or pinterest...but i do love looking at the images ;0) dreaming ...

  2. Lovely post!!! I adore lovely washing too, especially when its blowing around on a sunny day!!
    Love the little house, and that food is making me hungry too : )

    Sharon xx

  3. yours pictures are really very beautiful :)
    loved them :)

    i will be glad if you check out my blog too

    give it a thought and do follow it :)


    i have followed yours , do follow mine :)