Tuesday, 27 September 2011

homemade/my baby boy/eeee awwwww!!

This is my throw it all together curry: Use whatever veg/meat/meat substitute you can find. I used Realeat pieces, onion, peas, carrot and spinach, various beans and pulses, and some good curry paste. Throw it all in a pan and serve with rice.

A morning at Barleylands with my mum. Cream tea and button buying (My friend is going to make me a button bracelet).

My little boy got Pupil of the week!!! This is Billy the dog, who he has to look after for a week.

Peppa Pig, Peppa pig oink!!!


Hmmm this picture doesn't look that great!! But these homemade double choc chip cookies are huge and very yummy.

How indulgent!! A bath in the daytime. I haven't done this for at least 10 years!! Incase your wondering, the book i am reading is The world according to Joan.


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  1. jump in and enjoy it!!!! hehe x
    that curry looks scrummy and the cookies ;0)
    love the light of autumn piccys as well x